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Noah Levin: Learning together

Noah Levin: Learning together


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In this episode, I chatted with Noah about the emotional ups and downs of the recent acquisition announcement and how it’s impacted the team. But importantly, we explored the profound implications of artificial intelligence on creativity, curiosity, leading teams through times of change and learning, decision-making, democratized access to information, and even the concept of love.

Noah Levin is the VP of Product Design at Figma. He truly believes design is best done collaboratively and in the open, and believes Figma is a great way to facilitate that.

Before Figma he led the design team at ClassPass in NYC, and the iOS Search team at Google in Mountain View. He also spent some time teaching designers to code as an advisor at Framer, and building a digital assistant for Astronauts at NASA. He studied Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon and is a Pittsburgh native who’s convinced it’s the most underrated city in the world.

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Designing with AI Podcast
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